Access Statement

Silver Ridge and its gardens reside on a reasonably level site.

From the car park area of compacted stone there are 3 shallow steps, each 13cms high and 45cms deep.

Leading to a level pathway of 5 metres in length made up of loose gravel with stepping-stones inlaid. A further 8 metres of loose gravel path leads to the main Guest Entrance.

2 steps, 15cms in height and 47cms in depth take you to the door threshold, a 7cm step over on both sides leads into the Dining Hall, which is all on one level.

Room 1:

The Large Oak Suite, a ground floor room situated 2 metres from the main entrance, this room and its ensuite are all on one level. There is a 25cm step up into the shower.

Rooms 2 & 3:

Are both accessed from the Dining Hall by a standard flight of stairs with a handrail, leading onto the 3 ~ metre long landing.

Room 2, the King Pine Room, is accessed from the far end of the landing and has a small step down into the room of 8cms. The bedroom and

en suite are all on one level, except for a 13cm step up into the shower.

Room 3, the Twin Pine Room, is accessed immediately at the top of the staircase and is all on one level, except for a 13cm step up into the shower.

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